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Discover in the exquisite world of La Daurada’s corporate event venues. Within the embrace of La Daurada Group lie two exquisite gastronomic sanctuaries, each poised elegantly along the pristine shores. These distinctive venues, housed in separate marvels, offer an unparalleled experience that joins culinary excellence with the calm allure of the sea.

Step into La Daurada Restaurant, a year-round haven of culinary marvels. Meanwhile, during the sun-soaked months from June to September, La Marabanda takes center stage, showcasing a captivating open kitchen concept centered around grilled fish, sourced exclusively from the Llotja de Vilanova, as well as many skewers.

Discover the Mediterranean essence with us!

Expertise in shaping memorable moments

At La Daurada Group, we are masters in crafting unforgettable moments through our event management. Regardless of the occasion, we possess the innate ability to tailor our offerings together with our client’s requirements.

With a heart, rooted in the Mediterranean spirit, our team personifies flexibility, dedication, and passion to ensure your event transcends all expectations.

Where events come true

Our team, with more than 15 years of experience in the large-format events sector, have a collective vision, focused on success and personification.

Our offerings epitomize the harmony of sea and fire, as Mediterranean flavors blend on your palate. A symphony of maritime delights awaits, allowing you to explore a world where gastronomy takes center stage.


Every aspect of our experience is infused with the artistry of Chef Diego Carvajal Giuffra. Immerse yourself in Mediterranean cuisine that celebrates the essence of the sea and the passion of fire, creating a symphony of flavors that’s sure to captivate your senses. Unveil many possibilities!

With our own culinary delights, an enthusiastic and energetic team, top-tier audiovisual production and services, a pulsating disco, saline swimming pool and private access to the azure sea, your event becomes an exploration of opulence and innovation. Furthermore, our venue is equipped for a variety of experiences, from engaging incentives on the sun-kissed beach to invigorating water activities and team-building endeavors. The boundaries of what’s achievable are set by your imagination alone; at La Daurada, your vision comes to life.


10,000 m2 of possibilities, its own gastronomy, an energetic venue team, audiovisual production and services, discotheque, saline pool, private access to the sea, incentives on the beach, water activities and team building and much more. Everything you imagine, in La Daurada is possible.

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